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My MBE story started in Toronto, October 2015. I applied to volunteer as 2 friends from my local community were performing that year. From the moment I walked in early Saturday morning for set up, I was in awe.

As busy and chaotic as it was, everyone was welcoming. I’ve never seen so many people come together and make magic happen like I did that day.

After set up was complete, we went back to our Airbnb, got some rest and food. I helped do make up and hair for one of the performers and then we were off to the venue once again.

As the performances started, the venue became more crowded. The energy level was amazing. It was nonstop for the next 12 hrs. That’s it, I was hooked. I vowed to work on my skills and apply for the next MBE. I was on a high for the next week. A night I’ll never forget. Even though I was there as a volunteer, I felt like I belonged to the MBE family already. The friendships from around the world began.

Shortly after MBE Toronto, applications for MBE Montreal 2016 were released. I nervously applied. Then waited and waited and waited some more to see if I would be accepted to apply as a bottom. Then that email came, I let out a scream as I read it. I was accepted. Omg, what did I do? I’m not good enough. MBE performers are amazing, people I envied for their abilities. The nerves turned to doubt. I pushed through, I was determined to do this. Then the waiting for the partner list and number of performances started. I was positive that I would only get one performance. Boy was I wrong again. I was given 3 with 3 different riggers. Fortunately I knew one of them.

Now the stress of costume planning started, which is totally my thing. I was in my element. All 3 of the riggers I would be working with, were amazing and on board with costume planning.

MBE Montreal was a blur but by the end of the event, I walked away with new friends. MBE was were my heart belonged. I couldn’t wait to hear when and where the next one was going to be.

Now it’s time to apply for MBE Cincinnati. My mind was already thinking about costumes and seeing my MBE family. I was given 4 performances this time. Cincinnati was a smaller event but it allowed for performers to really get to know each other. Again, if it wasn’t for MBE, I would t have met some of my closest friends. Cincinnati was also when I was able to spend time with Morpheous and his beautiful princess. I was always nervous and intimidated by him. Boy was I wrong. They have to be 2 of the nicest, warmest, easy going people I’ve ever met. I am honoured to call them my friend. Morpheous said something to my partner during the performances that I will never forget. “Just do you, don’t worry about what others do”.

This now brings me to one of the saddest days. The day that the MBE finale was announced. Toronto 2017. No matter what, I had to be there. I applied again and nervously waited to hear. YES!! I was accepted. This time, I was given 5 performances with 3 different riggers.

Just to give a little insight of how MBE brings people together from all over and creates friendships, while planning for MBE Toronto 2017, we ended up renting a house. 17 amazing people that would never have met if it weren’t for MBE, are now close friends and all wanted to spend the weekend together.

My performances started at 7pm and I completed 4 of my allotted scenes by 3am. 4am and it was my turn to be interviewed by TPOK. I was fading fast but still on the MBE high. I had one last performance scheduled for 6am. The rigger I was partnered with, had his girlfriend with him and wanted to perform with him. These were people I have been privileged to know over the last year and I was honoured to give my spot up to her. I sat and watch them have an incredible scene. The smile, the glow on her face was worth it. After all, that’s what friends do. That’s what community is about and to me, that’s what MBE represented.

MBE may be over but the connections I’ve made will last a lifetime.

Morph, princess and all the MBE staff, I can’t thank you enough for what you have brought to my life.

If MBE 2.0 ever comes around, you know I’ll be the first one to apply.

F**k yeah MBE forever.


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